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Sprinkler Contractor

At Porter Sprinklers we are a local company that has had the privilege of serving the Porter Texas community for many years. These years of working with the good people of the area have given us the opportunity to expand. We have expanded in both coverage as we can know help people out from neighboring areas and beyond that, we were not able to when we first started. While also being able to provide more and more services to our loyal client base. At Porter Sprinklers we know that installing a sprinkler system isn’t just something that will give you more time to other activities instead of watering the lawn. It can be the difference between being able to look out your window to well taken care of surroundings instead of yellow tundra. And that can be the difference between starting the day off on a good note or a bad one!


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As we’ve been able to expand we have also been able to add many new members to our family of associates and employees. While the name remains Porter Sprinklers so that it can be associated with our past humble beginnings and with the service people know and trust. We very well could change it to Porter Sprinklers and Beyond, since now we offer any and all services that you may need to take care of all of your outdoor needs. Like we’ve said we’ve done so by adding experts that have come in, to work just as hard as we do to meet our bottom line. Which is being able to provide top quality services to any and all who give us a call! ​