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​Are you tired of looking out at a yellow and dirt filled lawn? Maybe you are quite an avid landscaper, but having to water your lawn just isn’t one of your priorities in life. We actually understand that people usually have better things to do than spend an afternoon watering their lawn. That is where we can help! At Porter Sprinklers we can literally make sure that you never have to go out and water your lawn again. The only way that we can do that though is if you call or contact us right away. We can help set up an appointment between you and our team of pros to make sure that we are all on the same page to try and achieve the look and feel you want for your property.


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Although Sprinklers are our middle name, literally we can provide services for outdoors that go way beyond a simple installation. If you need a new lighting system or you want to get a Backflow Testing service provided we can help. The best and easiest way to clear up all of your doubts about the services we provide, pricing, and all other things that may be on your mind would be to call or contact us! We provide accurate estimates and obligation free consultations. For those of you who are still shopping around to see which company you want to hire. From where we see it, you really only lose a couple of minutes out of your day by giving us a call. A call which can turn into many awesome days enjoying green grass and new lights! ​