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Sprinkler Repair

Sprinklers are objects that are out in the open. As such they are subject to the normal wear and tear that pretty much any outdoor installation suffers. Plus, in some instances, they can be kicked, broken, or mowed over. While again we try to have our sprinklers built to outlast these types of issues as much as possible at times a bit of an issue is inevitable. We want to give you a couple of tips on how to know when a sprinkler is malfunctioning. While also informing you how we provide our sprinkler repair, irrigation, backflow testing, mosquito control services and what they include.


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When Is A Sprinkler Malfunctioning? 

Obviously, some issues are pretty easy to spot. It one of your sprinklers seems to be throwing more water at the street or concrete structures than at plants or grass that may be a sign of a problem. Others though are not as easy to spot. Sometimes the sprinkler will be stuck in a position whether it be open or closed and this can cause numerous problems. If you have the type of sprinklers that rise above the ground when in use and lower to ground level while at rest then you may face these issues. The sprinkler that starts spraying water at ground level can overflow the surface and cause a lot of problems in its development. A sprinkler that remains upright is dangerous to kids or players on a field they can cause gruesome injuries.

What Can Porter Sprinklers Fix?

The short answer is anything and everything that may be wrong with your sprinkler. This obviously includes the two issues that we previously mentioned. Sometimes that same sprinkler just needs to be slightly adjusted other times we can just go ahead and replace it. What we do want to stress though is that it is very important that you locate these issues and give us a call. Although they may seem minor they can have some very bad consequences.

Emergency Repair!  

The game is today and I have a whole bunch of sprinklers popping up right out of the ground! Like we said most of the times the issues are fairly obvious. When it comes to sprinklers and irrigation systems that take care of very important venues or gardens we understand the importance of having them always in working shape. Call or contact us as soon as you can if you are having an issue that requires our immediate assistance.

Repairing Improper Installations 

In the contract, we sign with you we include all of the things that need to be repaired when it is our fault so you probably won’t have to worry about an installation issue with us. That said there are plenty of old and worn down sprinkler systems out there that many other companies or people laid out. At times you may continue to see the same problem over and over again because the original installation was not done properly. We can come in and adjust and change some of the sprinklers to make sure that we can get them in working form.