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At Porter Sprinklers, while we do give away the fact that we provide sprinkler installation and maintenance services in the name there is really much more that, we can do for you once you dive in. You see we started out as simple sprinkler installation company for homeowners. This quickly leads to us being called up to install a lot more complex irrigation systems for agriculture-based companies. From there we just literally took off! Expanding to be able to provide Mosquito Control systems through our misting systems and so on. We really believe that what has allowed us to continue to expand is not only our extremely professional staff but our unique attention to detail and full commitment to the client.

From the beginning, we started providing custom made sprinkler systems. Unlike other companies that have pre-packaged deals, we always take on a new project as a totally different experience. Tailoring our services to the needs of each individual client. That is how our services started expanding. Clients started asking, well can you do this or that? We just ran with the opportunity and never looked back. We want to do now is give you the opportunity to build your new Landscape Lighting system or sprinkler and irrigation systems from scratch. Fully tailored to what you need and want in terms of looks and performance. If you are still unsure of what you are looking here is a quick line up of our main services:


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