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Mosquito Control

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Right about now you may be asking yourself what a sprinkler company has to do with mosquitoes. You’d be right to do so, but we believe we’ve got a pretty good answer as to why we take on these types of challenges. We provide one of the main aspects of landscaping. Wich is having enough to allow plants, lawns and other areas to grow properly. As professionals in the business of landscaping and irrigation systems, we want you to be able to enjoy your property. With that in mind, we’ve decided to offer our mosquito control service. Our services not limited to this: we also provide irrigation, backflow testing, landscape lighting, sprinkler installation services.

Not your average Misting System 

Since we build sprinklers that spray water we thought, we could build gadgets that could also spray pesticides. Just like our sprinklers, we can provide installation and maintenance services for these systems. Unlike misting systems that tend to be attached to gates or on higher objects, our 100% organic mosquito control is ran directly through your sprinkler system.  This allows for complete treatment without the unsightliness that a misting system will have.

What Pesticides Are Sprayed By A Misting System

There are plenty of pesticide types that can be used in misting systems. In our mosquito control services, we try to recommend many pesticides that are obviously safe to humans and pests. So what we’ll typically do is provide of pesticides that are available for home use and then let people decide what they want to do with their misting systems. When they first started misting systems got a lot of attention from local authorities who still heavily regulate their use to this day!

Mosquito Control In Commercial Use

Our mosquito control systems can also be applied to farms and other types of land where they can aid by spraying pesticides to help with the development of crops. Now legally, in this case, there are a lot more things that you need to keep in mind. Especially if you plan on selling the products that you harvest. Most of the times as it pertains to our service we limit it to the installation and maintenance of the actual system. The products used on it or the responsibility of the owner.

Total Mosquito Control

We know that sprinklers can actually contribute to the development of mosquitoes. As they like to develop near water especially water that has no form of movement. These are typically puddles or any form excess amount of water on grass or other surfaces. What we can do to prevent that is making sure that our sprinkler systems don’t overflow the area with water. This is actually very common on rainy days especially if you forgot to turn the sprinklers off. Just regularly making sure that the sprinklers are working properly can go a long way in preventing mosquitos.