Porter ​Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

At Porter Sprinklers we have slowly but steadily been able to grow our line up of services. As total landscape enthusiasts, it only seemed fit that the next step we took had something directly to do with making sure that your homes or property would look even more impressive. Our thinking is you already have everything you need to make sure that the grass literally grows greener on your side why not show it off day and night! Our landscape lighting services will make sure that you can do that without it making a huge dent in your electric bill!


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Drawing Up A Landscaping Lighting System 

Don’t think that we are just going to show up at your home with a whole bunch of lamps and drive them into the ground wherever we see fit! We actually have a team that works together with our customers to build their custom lighting system. Something that can really make their backyard or just about any part of their home stand out from the rest of the block. After drawing everything up on paper though it is going to be time to set it up and that is where we truly excel.

How Can I Benefit From Hiring Porter Sprinklers To Do My Landscape Lighting?  

We’ve heard it before a hundred times. Why would a sprinkler company be good at setting up lights? What we actually want to know is why an indoor installations company thinks it can work outdoors? The main benefit that you will get with us is that we know how to work around plants and gardens. Just like when setting up sprinklers we make sure that we are extra careful so as to not damage the terrain, with our lighting systems we follow the same philosophy. Setting lights up so that they can bring out the best in our gardens not destroy them.

Water Plus Electricity?

It is basically common knowledge that we don’t usually want to mix water and electricity as the results tend to not be very good us. Sprinkler systems though bring out the best of both of those worlds to combine for a good cause so to speak. So you can rest assured that we have equipped our landscape lighting systems with all of the things necessary to stand up to the elements that it is going to face out in the open. Not every company out there can put that sort of experience of working with electrical appliances outdoors and constantly near water into their lighting systems.

Great Looks & Designs?

At Porter Sprinklers we are very used to working with custom projects. We actually rarely ever work on pre-packaged deals. So you can rest assured that your landscape lighting system will be unique. That doesn’t mean though that you can’t borrow some ideas from our extensive portfolio of previous clients. You will never really know all of the things that this sprinkler company can do for you until you call or contact us!