Porter Irrigation


For things like crop fields, farms or even sports venues we can also set up more complex irrigation systems than just your average sprinkler. In these cases, we usually will need to excavate a lot deeper into the ground than we would with a normal installation. That isn’t the problem though as we have the equipment and the expertise to do so. We know that most of the times people who call in to ask about our irrigation systems are actually people who work the land. With that in mind, we want to make it clear that we can work with you to design a custom irrigation system that fits your property. Good to know that we also provide backflow testing, landscape lighting, mosquito control services.


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Irrigation System Design

In all of our sprinkler or irrigation systems, we always provide a unique plan prior to just heading out and starting to literally plant gadgets below the surface. In these cases, though it’s obviously special. Since we have to plan out where exactly the original source of water is and how we are going to work around that to make sure that the system can reach all of the areas that it would need to reach.

Irrigation System Installation

Again it’s not just about going in and drawing a line on the ground then setting up a steel pipeline around the areas where you are going to plant things. Different areas will need more or less water flow and while that can also be arranged later on it is usually a key factor that will determine the type of system that we can put in place. Like with all of our other installations we pledge that our work is not done until you are fully satisfied with your fully functional irrigation system. Not sure how to work the system in our absence? Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to teach you before we leave!

Irrigation System Programming

Setting up any form of an irrigation system with just one gear so to speak is absolutely ludicrous. Ours, of course, can be programmed and set to provide a precise water flow at specific hours during the day. When we set up irrigation systems people will obviously want to know how to work them themselves so that they can monitor and regulate the flow of water within the system. We can work together with you or a team to provide lessons on how the system works and what to do in case any form of trouble pops up. Although we can help provide maintenance the best solution is usually having people in-house who can solve most issues.

When Is A Sprinkler Malfunctioning? 

We’ve seen that around the area there are a lot of people that are still using older irrigation systems. That obviously don’t feature a lot of the new additions that technology has to offer these days. We can help update your older irrigation system to make sure that it meets the demands of the new age. While keeping it simple enough so that it can continue to provide the job that it has been doing for years!